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Colour: Yours Truly - 256

“I struggled to find the time to make it to the salon so I wanted to try the dip perfect system for myself. This is my third time using it and I am amazed at the results. It’s literally the best feeling ever when someone asks where you got your nails done and I can say uhh I did them😂”


Colour - Game over - 399

“I am so impressed with how my nails have turned out. This kit is super high quality and a huge money saver. Even if you aren’t so good at painting your own nails (I wasn’t) I would definitely try this kit as you can get much better results and in my opinion it is easier than painting. Not to mention the fact that these will look exactly the same for weeks without chipping or cracking. I couldn’t be happier with these products!”

Jamie T

Colour - Hard to get - 139

“Glamrdip has definitely exceeded my expectations. Works great on natural nails and the colours are lovely. It is easy to apply and they last for weeks every time. The packaging is also so beautiful, you can really tell that they have spared no expense when it comes to quality. I am very pleased with the results and have already ordered more colours.”

@ Alex B

Colour Combo - 610 & 050

"GLAMRDiP is a gamechanger for me. I used to do my nails with acrlyic but they became really damaged so I wanted to switch to a more natural alternative. This system literally lasts just as long and looks sooo beautiful plus my nails have never been healthier!"

@ Becca

Colour - Shhh - 013

“This product is so easy to use and it looks just like a professional manicure. I actually found that they last longer than some sets I got at the salon which is just astounding considering the cost. I also loved that they came from Australia and provide really great customer support. “

@ Zoe

Colour - Trainwreck - 452

“Now that I have found glamrdip I officially have beautiful nails all year round without having to go into the salon. I am totally here for it! “🤍


Colour - Hard to get - 139

“I love these products! The instructions were really detailed and super easy to follow. I’m very pleased with how they turned out. It’s saving me so much time and money.”


Colour - Golden Child - 596

“It’s so easy and fun to get beautiful nails with the dip perfect range. I was nervous that it might be complicated but the step by step instructions and the video they emailed me made the application a breeze.”

@Maree Stevenson

Colour - Peachy - 068

“This is my second time doing my nails. They have turned out so well and I definitely have learned heaps from my first time! I always avoided doing my nails at home because I couldn’t get them to last but this kit totally changes that. My first set lasted 3 weeks before I decided to change the colour. Plus my nails feel much stronger already.”

@Tara N

Colour - Lace - 196

"Great product, wish I found out about these earlier. Really easy to do, I take my time but it’s totally worth it. I like to re-apply every week watching a movie or some TV. My nails are now the strongest they have been in years and I get plenty of compliments from girls in the office!"


Colour - Flower Child - 024

“I work in construction during the week so having long acrylics full time isn’t an option... but I do like to doll up every now and then for the weekend ha! I tried Glamrdip because I liked the idea of doing my nails from home but still getting that acrylic look. I can also remove them Sunday night and not feel like I wasted 50 bucks for a night out. They are awesome. “


Colour - Pillow Talk  - 194

“I am obsessed with my glamrdip kit and I have so much fun doing my nails. Even though they last for weeks I do them every Sunday since I just can’t wait to try new colours! I have gotten so many compliments and it feels great when someone asks me where I got my nails done. I can’t wait to order more colours to add to my growing collection ☺️”


Colour - Pillowtalk - 194

“Love doing my nails from home. This is my best set yet, the colour (Pillowtalk) is simple and classy. I have recommended this to all my girlfriends already !”

@Dee M

Colour - Yours Truly - 256

“This was my first time ever using the GLAMRDIP system and it was so easy. I took my time because I wanted to make sure it turned out perfect but the result was worth it!”

@Hannah J

Colour - Pillow Talk - 194

“I am a long time dipper, but first time dip perfect(er) 😂 I had done a lot of research trying to find the best brand and decided on glamrdip because I loved the Australian superfoods and the focus on a healthy lasting manicure. They definitely live up to the claims and I’ve noticed a big difference in my nail health since switching. Next stop, more colours !”


Colour - Temptress - 627

“After years of getting my nails done, covid forced me to find an alternative to do at home. I started off with a gel kit but didn’t like the idea of using a UV light and had a lot of trouble getting them to last over a week. When I stumbled upon Glamrdip I was a little sceptical especially about the healthy nails part but I have definitely noticed a difference in my nails and cuticle health. The colours are stunning and shipping was super fast. I also love that I am supporting Australian business.”

@Amy S